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Stapeley Parish Council

Working Groups

The Parish Council has set up four Working Groups with membership as follows:

  • Victorian Orchard Project: Councillors J Gibbs, J Hillman and A Jacobs
  • Conservation Area on Talbot Way: Councillors S Ford, J Gibbs, A Jacobs and Y Orungbemi, K Nord (volunteer) and Dr Martin Page (volunteer)
  • Website Working Group: Councillors M Theobald, J Hillman, Y Orungbemi and M Docker
  • Road Safety Working Group: Councillors M Docker and Y Orungbemi

One non-Councillor (yet to be appointed)

These groups have no powers to commit the Parish Council to specific actions, especially those with financial implications. The role of the group is to carry out the detailed work required to assist the Parish Council in reaching a decision.

The advantage of a working group, as opposed to setting up a Committee, is that its meetings are held informally, and can even be conducted remotely via Zoom, or similar. They can consider issues in greater detail and this can avoid very detailed discussion in a Council meeting, thereby prolonging the decision-making process. These groups submit progress reports to the Council as and when necessary until the task is complete and can produce a final report with recommendations to the Parish Council.

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