Stapeley Parish Council

Parish Plan

It was in November 2006 that Stapeley Parish Council held a Public Meeting to consider the production of a Parish Plan. Arising from this meeting a number of volunteers came forward to form a Steering Committee and at their first meeting, in December, I had the honour of being elected Chairman.

We have received valuable guidance and support from Cheshire Community Council and throughout the development of the Plan we have had the full support of our Parish Council, who have given us both practical as well as financial support for which we are most grateful. It is to be hoped that the Parish Council will, in due course, adopt this Plan.

In addition to the numerous meetings held by the Steering Committee and the individual research carried out by its members, a further Public Meeting was held in December of 2007 to update residents. In the spring of 2007 a Questionnaire was distributed to all residents of the Parish. I would like to thank all those that took the time to complete and return the questionnaire. A good response was achieved and the analysis of these returns has formed the basis of our research.

The 1961 Census of England and Wales gave the population of Stapeley as 484; by 2005 it was estimated by Cheshire County Council to have risen to 2410. By 2008 it must now be approaching 3000 and the development of the Stapeley Water Gardens will be adding to this figure. The major part of this rapid growth in the population has taken place in the north of the Parish with the development of the Cronkinson Farm Estate. As a condition associated with this development the developers were required to erect a Primary School, a Public House, a range of shops and a Community Hall and recreational area to provide a focus for the social and recreational needs of the residents. The provision of the Community Hall and recreational area, which have yet to be started, form a key element of our Plan.

The measure of success will now be dependent on the satisfactory completion of all the projects listed in the Action Plan. Additional volunteers will be needed to bring this to fruition.

Bob Llewellyn

Download a copy of the Parish Plan here. (2012 version)

These are the contact details for the members of ‘Stapeley Parish Action Group’. (SPAG)